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Successful Week Hunting

We really put Pete to the test during our week’s visit. His main task was to be Bob’s hunting guide with the primary objective being a Himalayan Tahr and gold medal Red stag. Despite adverse weather conditions, Pete’s tactics paid off with an extremely nice gold (SCI 310 2/8) Red and a symmetrical (44 2/8) Tahr and to add a bonus a pair of Paradise duck. All in all we believe that we received exceptionally good value for our money and highly recommend Peter’s Kiwi Wilderness Safaris.

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Tahr Hunt

I really enjoyed the hunt, too bad we didn’t have more time to acquire another Tahr brute, a great excuse to come again. I can say with authority now that these animals were definitely harder to hunt than sheep, because of their habitat. They’re more curious than sheep, but they move less frequently, therefore more difficult to locate. You have an amazing set of ‘peppers’ Pete, some of the Tahr you were spotting were barely visible through a spotting scope! Many thanks.