Kiwi Wilderness Safaris Feedback

On this page you will find hunting trip feedback from our clients

“I really enjoyed the hunt, too bad we didn’t have more time to acquire another Tahr brute, a great excuse to come again. I can say with authority now that these animals were definitely harder to hunt than sheep, because of their habitat. They’re more curious than sheep, but they move less frequently, therefore more difficult to locate. You have an amazing set of ‘peppers’ Pete, some of the Tahr you were spotting were barely visible through a spotting scope! Many thanks.” (Wilderness Hunt) Fitness Level for the New Zealand terrain With the rugged mountainous terrain in New Zealand big game hunting requires good general physical fitness. Our Wilderness Hunts require high levels of fitness as the terrains we cover can vary greatly.
Rod Brandenberg, USA
“Thanks to Peter’s tireless efforts and boundless enthusiasm I secured two very representative Tahr, both making the SCI record book score, and one making the NZDA record book score. I found Peter extremely good company, he has an easy knack of getting along with people and knows his animals and the country they frequent as well as any man in his line of work. Indeed I found his ability to spot Tahr at extreme long range nothing short of extraordinary. Really I can’t recommend him highly enough.” (Wilderness Hunt)
Philip Holden
, Noted & very experienced NZ outdoor writer specialising in hunting & the NZ high country

“Peter operates a top notch hunting outfit to include the very best of equipment and accommodations, and especially his expertise in scouting and judging game. Peter made us feel right at home from day one and worked very hard guiding me two magnificent trophy animals, the Tahr and the Chamois.” (Wilderness Hunt)
Jeff O’Dell, USA

“The trip was great! Peter was flexible to switch hunting areas for the local weather conditions. He was willing to change the day’s plans according to my wife’s wishes. (she says that has never happened before). I would strongly recommend the sightseeing aspect, as Peter allowed time to soak in the local culture. Peter can tailor make a hunt to satisfy any ones taste and ability. All the three trophies I booked were great, with the Red stag being much better than I had hoped for.” (Package Hunt)
Dr Calvin Speckman, USA
“We really put Pete to the test during our week’s visit. His main task was to be Bob’s hunting guide with the primary objective being a Himalayan Tahr and gold medal Red stag. Despite adverse weather conditions, Pete’s tactics paid off with an extremely nice gold (SCI 310 2/8) Red and a symmetrical (44 2/8) Tahr and to add a bonus a pair of Paradise duck. All in all we believe that we received exceptionally good value for our money and highly recommend Peter’s Kiwi Wilderness Safaris.”
Bob & Faye Survil, Duncanville, Texas, USA
“I have no hesitation in recommending Peter’s Kiwi Wilderness Safaris for personal good companionship and success, which is a result of Peter’s experience and unequalled knowledge of the animals and habitat he hunts.”
Vey Payne, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia
“Peter is an extremely good hunter who does his work before you arrive and if you are willing to work on the hunt you will achieve what you came for.”
George Guymer, Narrandera, New South Wales, Australia