Billy Goat with Bow

Billy Goat with Bow

Pricing for New Zealand High Country Free Range Hunts

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Hunt type Price
Day Rate (all inclusive) + Trophy fees US $425
Red Stag Bronze US $1500
Silver US $2500
– 3 days
(Gold US $5000)
Himalayan Tahr US $2500
– 3 days
Alpine Chamois US $1500
– 3 days
Fallow Stag US $1500
– 3 days
Feral Goat US $400
Arapawa Ram US $400

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New Zealand High Country Free Range (Wilderness) Information




Himalayan Tahr

Most the land that is walked during this hunted during the is hunt is private land, however in some exceptions when in pursuit of the Tahr and Chamois there is the use of some concession land. With this in mind a hunter should be reasonably fit so that one is able to enjoy a full day’s stalk.

The price list notes the Red stag in bronze and silver category, as to say that gold medal trophies are of any great number would be a misconception. Another point is we are often off the beaten track in pursuit of game during this hunt, so the modern home comforts maybe not readily available though we choose suitable tidy and clean accommodations. A sleeping bag is also needed to fit some occasions.

Best months: March to early July. March, April and May temperatures range 5-25 degrees C, no snow till May. June and July the temperatures drop below zero Celsius at night, 5-15 degrees C during the day, some snow.

Clothing and equipment: Good strong hiking boots with traction sole, gaiters, free fitting layered clothing, warm jacket and pants, reliable rain gear, hat and gloves. Camo or olive greens best. Free use of spare firearms for all occasions.

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